Maroondah Reservoir Park

The traditional custodians of Maroondah Reservoir Park land are the Wurundjeri people. It’s located nearby to Healesville, just over an hours drive from Melbourne CBD.

Upon first arrival at the main carpark, there’s a post with 14 signs pointing off in different directions! I was left with choice and wondering where to start….


I decided to follow the sign that said ‘Base of Dam Wall’ and off I went in that direction, to see a path to the left that took me to ‘Revells Falls’. It was a crazy sight to see so much water gushing down the rock face.

revells falls.jpg

Then I came across a lush, freshwater, crystal clear, lily-pad filled pond where the water trickles out from a small pipe from the reservoir.

pond with freshwater and lillies.jpg

The dam wall ascends high up… 41 metres/ 134.5 foot to be exact.

looking up at weir wall

I decided to do a bit of exploring around the area, and came across this hidden gem…a rope swing that someone had left behind from their adventures!

instagram and header photo .jpg

Walking back in the direction of the main carpark, I walked up the rose stairs, admiring the asymmetry of the path and trees. However, due to the roses being out of season (not in bloom), I unfortunately didn’t see the roses, but I can imagine how beautiful it would be when in bloom.

walking up rose steps .jpg
I went for a walk along the length of the dam wall. The vastness of the reservoir becomes apparent. on weir

Went on to the Maroondah Reservoir Park lookout to see the reservoir and dam wall and to look up to sprawling mountains all around.

reservoir wall.jpg

Following the path from the lookout, the Maroondah forest walk was the next thing to explore, which followed a dirt walking track through terrain.

forest walk .jpg

The Maroondah forest walk ended with a bridge across Watts River to the Henderson’s Picnic Area, for the short walk back to the main carpark.

end of forest walk river .jpg

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